EKOSIGNOL paint for thin–layered road markings is an air drying acrylic primer that is fast-drying, highly elastic and good coverage, excellent adhesiveness to any road surface, and highly resistant to wear and tear caused by traffic. EKOSIGNOL fully meets the stringent requirements for environmental protection as determined by the "Temporary Technical Conditions for Works on the Road Markings " (Croatian Roads and IGH, Zg 1993) in Section A.1.1. ("Paint Quality Conditions ").


EKOSIGNOL is used for making thin-layered road markings and horizontal signalisation. The surface on which the paint is applied must be dry, clean and free of dust including salt and oil remains. EKOSIGNOL paint is applied using pneumatic spraying, with manual or automatic devices. The work is performed in the air temperatures from +10 °C to +30 °C, at a max. relative humidity of 85 %, and surface temperature of +5 °C to + 45 °C. When working with the paint, protective glasses, protective gloves and masks for aerosols must be worn. Paint should be handled like highly flammable material! Drying time: 15 min. Curing time: 30 min. Glass beads for night visibility are applied by sprinkling on the wet paint - 5 seconds after application of the paint. Consumption: 400 g/m² - with a paint thickness of 400 μm for wet film, 480 g/m² - with a paint thickness of 600 μm for wet film.


1,8-2 m² / l for dry film thickness of 300 μm (approximately 560 μm wet film) - road markings


0.75 l / 18 l


Ekosignol thinner - up to 5% thinner


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