Premium Glet is a dispersion compound for fine smoothing of interior wall and ceiling surfaces, intended for filling smaller dents and cracks.


Surface must by dry, hard, and clean at a temperature above freezing, free of efflorescence and form oil remains. Prior to application, we recommend waterproofing all types of surfaces with SIMPRA Universal Preservative Basecoat, thinned with water in a 1:1 ratio. Premium Glet may be applied 6 hours after the application of the preservative basecoat under normal temperature and relative humidity (T=20°C, RH= 65%). Premium Glet is applied in two coats, by hand or by rendering machine. The second coat may be applied when the first coat is completely dry. Each coat should have a thickness of about 1-2 mm; thickness of two coats should be around 3 mm.

Application by hand: stir compound well in original packaging prior to application. Apply the product onto the surface using a stainless steel trowel and remove any extra material using the stainless steel trowel; smooth out the surface immediately. After the first layer is completely dry, apply second coat, smooth it out, sand after drying with fine-grain sandpaper (by hand or by machine, 220 grit recommended) and remove any dust. Application by rendering machine: apply by rendering machine, spread well onto the surface and immediately smooth with a metal smoothing trowel. Apply in two coats. If needed, thin product with up to 3% water prior to machine application and stir well. During application, air and surface temperature must not be less than +5°C or exceed +35°C; relative humidity must not exceed 80%. Dispersion coatings can be applied onto a completely dry, sanded and dusted top coat of Glet.


Inter-coat interval is around 12 hours under normal temperature and relative humidity (T=20°C, RH= 65%).


1.5 kg/m2 for application in two coats


1 kg, 3 kg, 8 kg, 25 kg