Latex is a strong high-quality paint for interior walls, especially resistant to abrasion, creating a sturdy and resilient film. All these features make it ideal for decoration of wall surfaces exposed to increased wear and tear, such as those in kindergartens, schools, hospitals, hotels and other public facilities. It is resistant to cleaning using disinfectants used in health institutions. According to the parameters tested, the product Latex strong satin meets the requirements of Article 13 Paragraph 3 of the Ordinance on Health Standards for Materials and Items that Come into Direct Contact with Food (OG 125/2009) which makes it suitable for use in food industry premises. Latex strong conforms to the following regulations: EN 1015, ISO 2811, ISO 976, EN 13300 class 1, EN ISO 11998.


It is recommended that a new wall be impregnated with Simpria universal preservative basecoat which is diluted with water at a ratio of 1:1. It is applied to a clean, dry, solid surface with a brush, roller or spray on in two coats, diluted with water to 10%. The next layer is applied only when the previous is completely dry. When renewing the staining of less soiled surfaces, only one coat is usually needed. Painting is not recommended at temperatures below +5 °C. When stopping work, the packaging containing the colour should be well sealed, and after painting the equipment washed in water.


0,19-0,21 l/m2
Protect from freezing.


2 l / 5 l / 15 l


Clean water.


It come in a white colour, but by using the Top Mix system for tinting you can get a whole range of shades from the colour chart of the Chromos-Svjetlost company, including deep shades. Tinting in pastel tones also uses the Kemoton pigment preparations.