FINAL anti-graffiti coating


FINAL anti-graffiti coating is a natural wax-based coating intended for protection of façades against spray paint and other types of staining. The coating enables fast and easy removal of spray paint and other types fo staining because it creates a barrier that unable. their setting to the surface.


It is applied using a painter’s brush, short-bristle fur or textile paint roller or a spraying device (Airless, according to the manufacturer’s instructions) without previous dilution. Apply to surfaces with higher absorbency in two layers, and.e., until saturation “wet on wet”. Do not apply the second layer if the previous one is dry. Applied to fresh, clean surfaces with no spray paint and other types of soiling. Final anti-graffiti coating acts as a barrier against the penetration of spray paints and it sets to them.


0,10 - 0,25 kg/m², depending on the absorbency and roughness of the substrate.


5 kg