White adhesive for gluing, spackling and reinforcing thermal-insulation panels of expanded and extruded polystyrene. Made based on natural mineral bindings, fillers 1.2mm granulation, adequate additives, polypropylene fibers and light additives.

Easily applied
Great coverage
Light additives
Polypropylene fibers
Universal application


It is intended for decorative protection of façades and interior wall surfaces. Intended for gluing of thermos-insulation panels on concrete substrates, brick and extension plaster, and for placing reinforcing glass mesh on thermal insulation panels before applying the final decorative plaster in ETICS systems. Part of the FINALIT S and FINALIT MV thermos-insulation systems. It can be used as a levelling layer on concrete surfaces, smoothing compounds, old and new mineral plasters, plywood panels, fibercement and gyps-cardboard and other.

The glue is applied using a notched steel trowel or spatula along the edge of a thermal insulation panel in a 5 wide layer, with three drops of the glue, of 10-15 cm in diameter, applied in the middle of the panel 10− 15 cm. The contact area between the panel and the base should be around 40-50% of the panel’s surface area. For panels made of mineral rock wool, a thin contact layer must be applied beforehand in order to reduce the dustiness of the panel and facilitate the application of thicker glue. When installing the mineral wool lamella, the glue is applied over the entire surface with a non-toothed steel trowel. The reinforcing is done so that a 2-3 mm layer of glue is applied onto thermal isolation panels with a notched steel trowel. Final armaturna staklena mrežica is pressed into the fresh compound with 10 cm overlaps and left to sit for 24 hours, after which another layer of glue is applied in order to achieve a finely coarse surface without grooves and other irregularities. The glue can be applied in a thickness of about 5-8 mm, spread evenly with a notched steel trowel with wider teeth (12-16 mm), after which the surface is serrated with the toothed side of the trowel (to achieve a suitable thickness of the reinforcement layer). A glass mash with 10 cm overlaps is pressed into the glue and it is levelled to a fine roughness without ridges. The glue must dry completely. Finalgrund Uni primer is applied and after 24 hours, a pasty, façade plaster of dispersive paint. Immediately after finishing the work, wash the tool with water. When carrying out the work, comply with construction regulations. When making the ETICS system, follow the guidelines of the Croatian Association of Thermal Facade Systems Manufacturers (HUPFAS).


(gluing, reinforcing, and spackling) depending on the type of substrate and type of isolation material.
Levelling layer: 1−2 kg/m²
Gluing: 5−7 kg/m²
Reinforcing: 3−5 kg/m²
Double reinforcing: 4−6 kg/m²
Spackling: 1−2 kg/m²


25 kg


  • white