Decorative render based on acrylic binders and multicoloured marble granulates for the treatment of external and internal wall surfaces most often retaining walls. Has a smooth structure. Water-repellent, washable and resistant to UV rays and weathering.

May not be frozen!


Used for all types of finely treated construction surface: lime-cement, cement plaster, concrete (at least 3 months old), gypsum-lime, base coat thermal insulation systems in the plinth area, cement and gypsum boards, chipboards. It is not applied to permanently moist surfaces, surfaces below ground level, on floor or any horizontal surfaces. It is not suitable for pure lime and thermal insulation renders.


4,2 kg/m2


25 kg


If necessary, Finalpast can be diluted with water to 1% of the total amount


12 shades from the Chromos-Svjetlost colour chart.


The surface must be dry, firm, smooth and clean. The air and surface temperature must be higher than +5 °C and below +30 °C. Relative humidity should be less than 80%. Works should not be done in the rain, fog and strong winds. Finalplast is prepared for installation by using an electric mixer. 24 hours before installation of Finalplasta, be sure to apply the primer undercoat Finalgrund Uni in shades of Finalplast. It is applied by hand using a stainless steel trowel in a grain thickness is smoothed while still wet.

CLEANING OF TOOLS: With water, immediately after use


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