FINAL silicon render



Thin-layered acrylic binder based render. It is intended for decorative protection of façades (especially those exposed to heavy precipitation) and interior wall surfaces. It is distinguished by uniformly smooth structure, it is highly water vapour permeable and water-repellent, UV radiation and weather resistant. Special additives protect it from algae and mould growth.


It is used for all types of finely treated construction surfaces (fine mineral renders, fibre-cement and gyps-cardboard boards, plywood panels, concrete older than three months) and as a topcoat in thermal-insulation systems.


NZG 1,0 mm - 1,5 kg/m2          NZR 1,5 mm - 2,1 kg/m2

NZG 1,5 mm - 2,2 kg/m2          NZR 2,0 mm - 2,5 kg/m2

NZG 2,0 mm - 2,9 kg/m2          NZR 2,5 mm - 3,3 kg/m2

NZG 2,5 mm - 3,5 kg/m2     


25 kg


It comes in white colour, but the Top Mix system for tinting enables a wide range of shades from our colour chart.


Surface needs to be firm, dry, smooth and clean and optimal working temperature ranges from +5 °C to +30 °C. Application surface must be treated with primer undercoat Finalgrund Uni in a shade of the render 24 hours prior to applying the render! Compound is applied manually using a stainless steel smoothing trowel or using a machine with thickness as close as possible to the diameter of the largest grain. Immediately or a few minutes after the application smooth the surface with circular strokes using a firm and plastic smoothing trowel.