FINAL acrylic render


FINAL Acrylic troweled render is a thin-layered acrylic binder based render. It is intended for decorative protection of façades and interior wall surfaces. It is characterized by distinctive structure dependant on the troweling technique: circular, vertical or horizontal. It is water-repellent, UV radiation and weather resistant. Special additives protect it from algae and mould growth.


It is used for all types of finely processed construction surfaces (fine mineral renders, fibre-cement and gyps-boards, plywood panels) and as a topcoat in thermal-insulation systems.


AZG 1,0 mm – 1,5 kg/m2          AZR 1,5 mm – 2,1 kg/m2

AZG 1,5 mm – 2,2 kg/m2          AZR 2,0 mm – 2,5 kg/m2

AZG 2,0 mm  – 2,9 kg/m2         AZR 2,5 mm – 3,3 kg/m2

AZG 2,5 mm –  3,5 kg/m2


25 kg


It comes in white colour, but the Top Mix system for tinting enables a wide range of shades from our colour chart.


Surface needs to be firm, dry, smooth and clean at optimal working temperature ranges from +5 to +30°C. Finalgrund Uni in a shade of the render must be applied 24 hrs prior to rendering. The render is applied manually using a stainless steel smoothing trowel -or using a machine - with thickness as close as possible to the diameter of the largest grain. Immediately after applying the render we trowel it using a hard plastic smoothing trowel and finally use a clean stainless steel smoothing trowel to smooth out all lumps formed during troweling.