MAESTRO 1L+1L lacquer and contact for parquet- GLOSSY / MATTE / SEMI-MATTE


Stir each component well before use! In a clean and dry container mix varnish and contact solution in
a 1:1 volume/weight ratio, homogenize mixture well and allow to stand 15 minutes. Apply by brush or
special short-pile roller in three coats onto dry, sanded and dusted parquet. Follow instructions from
the manufacturer’s technical data sheet when choosing a protection system. Observe optimal working
conditions (room temperature of 18°C – 22°C and relative humidity below 65%). The room may be used
after a minimum of 48 hours, clean tools after use with MAESTRO cleaning liquid. Application of the parquet
surface protection system can be considerably expedited by using MAESTRO preservative basecoat as the
basecoat and/or MAESTRO gel as the intermediate coat prior to application of MAESTRO parquet lacquer.


0,1 l/m2 for one coat.


Not necessary.


1 l + 1 l


1 x MAESTRO parquet lacquer, 1 l
1 x MAESTRO contact for parquet lacquer, 1 l